Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long Forgotten Treasures (Shoe closet cleaning) *Part 1* - Trunk Show

After my mom and I got our HPV shots yesterday, we went straight home and got myself to do some summer closet cleaning. You see, I love organizing my things especially my closet but I'm always having a hard time keeping it that way. Ergo, I keep on losing, misplacing, and forgetting my belongings.

I first went to organize my shoes and boy was I in for a big surprise. I found out that there are about 20 pairs of shoes that I'm not using but are still in good condition but needs a bit of cleaning. I'm gonna show 1 pair of shoe per post (pampa-dami). haha. And this first post is about my very first pair of shoes, well not exactly shoes but sandals from Trunk Show.

My mom and I went to the World Trade Center several years ago for our annual Christmas bazaar shopping. Those bazaars are really a gold mine. That's where most of the shops start before renting a place in a mall I guess. I saw this tie up sandals wherein you can change the lace straps. That is something new for me back then. I immediately tried on a pair and fell in love with it. I didn't really care about the brand, didn't even bother reading it until I was cleaning yesterday. I discovered that it was from one of my favorite shoe stores; Trunk Show.

I didn't realize it was from Trunk Show until yesterday.

pretty chiffon wrap

Today, I decided to use it again. It's fun discovering old stuff. I now have a perfect summer sandals. :)

<3 D.

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