Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Etude House crazy! :)

I am really not a fan of getting a mani-pedi until recently. My mom and I often go to spa's to get a foot spa and massage and it made me more fond of putting color into my nails, you know just to try something different from my usual "clear" mani-pedi sessions.

I went yesterday to SM Manila to buy this super cute blush-on I saw in a magazine, but unfortunately I can't find it. :( So I tried looking for something similar at Etude House and ended up overspending on nail polish and face creams. 8 nail polishes, a nail polish remover, a top coat nail polish (purchased 2 accidentally), a facial wash, and a Vitamin E mask.  I got to spend over a thousand pesos unknowingly and paid for every single item happily.

So here's my stash:

Cracking nail polish... which sounds way too awesome to pass up!

petit nails as they call it. Only 48php each (1$ or so)

Matte nail polish in Nude. I've been wanting to try this for a long time. 

The Top coat.

The OTHER top coat which I bought accidentally. :( (198php each - 4$)

And my FAVORITE, The Ms, Tangerine nail polish which gives a cool cascading effect. Will post how it looks soon! :)

Vitafoam facial wash... smells super nice.

I think it's 148php

A freebie for spending too much. LOL

I became an instant member for (again) spending too much. hahaha

I've been wanting to try their BB cream which I heard was awesome , maybe I'll buy one in my next visit. Oh and by the way, just a random thought, I love 2ne1 wh0 endorses Etude House. Hihi. :)

So have you tried any products from Etude house? Can you share them with me?

<3 D.


  1. Yeap! But they only have 2 colors. :(

  2. i would love to try etude's nail polish!! have you used it already Daphne? sana may mga sample pix.



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