Friday, August 19, 2011

Tony Moly

Finally had the time to visit Tony Moly in SM Manila. It reminds me of Etude House but less pink and girly. Tony Moly is the "sister" company of Etude. :) They offer similar items but I guess some items are cheaper here compared to E.H like the facial masks and the falsies. 

Got a Tony Moly Membership card :)
And they gave me a free sample of their new product Tomatox. :)

1. Green tea mask
2. Super q10 mask
3. A pair of false eye lashes
4. RM03 (pink) nail lacquer
5. PP05 (lavender) nail lacquer
6. FREE Tomatox sample pack

What I was really looking forward to this trip was their nail polish selection but I was quite disappointed since they only offer a handful of colors. :( I'll be doing a review about the nail lacquers soon so stay tuned! :)

<3 D.


  1. aw i want to visit them too :D

  2. Looking forward for your nail lacquers review and for the tomatox :)

  3. Nice hauls! I will definitely visit them. =)

  4. how much are their false eyelashes? I really want to get one from etude but i find it a bit expensive as I really don't use it that often. :)

  5. I have to try any product from Tony Moly. :)

  6. Hi! I love your blog! I share the same love for Accessorize! :D Btw, can you post swatches/review for your Tony Moly nail polish? :)

  7. I tried some of their products when I was in Korea but had no idea they were the sister company of Etude! will be waiting for that nail polish review xx

  8. Jenn: The falsies are around 50+ I think. Lost the receipt so I'm not sure. hehe

    B: Yeap! The uber-friendly sales person told me. :)

    Everyone: Tony Moly is quite awesome! Go pay them a visit. And yes, I will make a review soon! :)

  9. lol that tomatox packet is so cuute!! i bought a tony moly black nailpolish and i was surprised how well it glides. very smooth. i gave up on face shop nailpolish. not good. : P

    I love the cibo spinach dip! ive been craving for it that's why i made some of my own. but the cibo one uses gorgonzola cheese, so it really tastes different. but still good :)

  10. I love the TonyMoly nailpolish in 'Grey pink'! It was such a staple A/F colour for me- the perfect pinky nude!


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