Sunday, September 4, 2011


My mom and I got a little crazy at the Aranaz Birthday sale yesterday at Greenbelt 5. Finally have my first (errmm and second) Aranaz bag. If you don't know who and what Aranaz is, then you're missing out on some world-class Filipino talent established by the fashionable mother-daughter team Becky, Amina (founder of SoFA) and Rosanna Aranaz (yes Rosanna of Little Miss Dress Up).

"The Aranaz family founded the ARANAZ brand of highly intricate handbags in 1998. Creative use of materials, fine detailing and exquisite handiwork have since become synonymous with the ARANAZ name. 
Its mission is to showcase the many possibilities of indigenous materials the Philippines has to offer.  

Proud of its rich Filipino heritage, an ARANAZ bag exhibits its thrust to de-ethnicize the ethnic. Known for juxtaposing native materials such as mother of pearl, coconut shell, & wood beads with sparkling crystals, stones, luxurious fabrics and leather; their creations boast of a unique artisan-like feel with pleasantly surprising details that make them ultra special. Imagine the elegance of mother of pearl, the roughness of coconut shell and luxurious crystals all merging under a hand sculpted wooden frame. They seek to interpret global fashion trends with the use of native raw materials and local techniques." (from

Black leather long strap shoulder bag. I actually want the blue one but it was already out of stock when we arrived :(
Large woven tote with leopard print interior. "Classy Bayong" lol
The place was jam-packed! Although I failed to go to their first sale day at Rockwell, I managed to score some awesome and affordable finds on their second day at Greenbelt. I wonder when is their next sale? Can't wait! :)

Promise to post my GIVEAWAY this week!!! :)

<3 D.


  1. Hi..thx for stopping by..I am now following, hope u don't mind to follow back ;)

  2. my friend also went crazy when she found out about the birthday sale! haha
    can't wait to see it on your outfit shots! :)

  3. cute bags!
    I would have went crazy with the sale too!

  4. I love the woven tote! I'm a fan now! :))


  5. Hello Daphne. Lovely blog!

    I haven't been to that fashion shop yet. In fact, just learned about it through your post. Thank you so much. I will definitely take a look the next time I fly to the Philippines for a vacation.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. hey cute blog! FOLLOWED. keep it up <3 and maybe check my blog out as well?


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