Thursday, September 22, 2011

August Shoes

A post that has been  long overdue. I've been obsessing with combat boots and wooden platforms lately so I've accumulated quite a number in just a month. hehe. I think my mom would kill me if she sees this. Hi ma! :)


1. Summersault
This one I got from Greenhills. I was only going to buy myself a nice Palazzo pants from Summersault when I saw this thing of beauty. I just got to have it. Looks nice on my feet. lol.

 2. Chick Flick Collection
Ordered this one online. It's pretty and comfy! :)

 3. NAVA
Bought this at Nava Powerplant mall. I was actually wearing wooden platform # 2 when I saw this. Had to let it go, but after careful thought and a couple of sleepless nights, decided to go back and buy that pretty little thing.


1. Prima Donna

I love these! Even my husband thinks I wear this pretty well. hehe
2. Prima Donna (Yeap I bought both colors! I'm that insane!)
Actually had this one shipped from their Laguna branch since they were all out of my size in their Manila branches. Had to wait for almost a month for these babies to arrive. Crazy!

3. Finch Style (online)

An online order from Finch. Again, had to be patient and wait. But I think all the waiting was paid off handsomely. :)

So there you have it folks! I guess this post shows my undying and insane love affair with shoes. So you want to see my September shoes? I already have 4! hehe. :)

On a different note, I have reached a total of 200 followers as of today and I can't thank you guys enough! :) Let's drink to that! Cheers!

Awesome stuff from Forever 21, Accessorize, Etude House, Tony Moly, etc. :)

<3 D.


  1. I love everything Daphne! Anyway you asked if the wedges are comfy yes they are!!! :))) Hope you can drop by my blog again dear

  2. I love your combat boots. Especially the ones you got from Prima Donna. How much did you get them for? :)

  3. I can understand the obsession! We girls can never have enough of everything. I love all your purchases, most especially the NAVA wedge! Thanks for sharing, love seeing what shoes are around! - Mar

  4. oh I wish I could get it at the same price. 1500 is pricey but half of it is just so perfect! Why did it go on sale? and where are you going to study Korean? I want to study too but I have a little knowledge so I may need to study in elementary level. lol :)

  5. What a proud worthy collection! Love back right. x hivenn

  6. loving every single pair Daphne! ;)

    just stumbled upon your blog and found it interesting! I just clicked that follow button and hoping you'd give back the love ;)

    Riz :)


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