Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's in my: On the go vanity kit + random stuff

The Bag:

Had this since I was in 4th year high school. That was roughly about 7 years ago. hehe. Bought it at Simple Joys.

The Ammo:

1. Forever 21 handy make up brushes  (I only use the lash comb and brush)
2. Olay total effects (I'm beating the 7 signs of aging. lol)
3. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream #3 (as seen in this post)
4. The Body Shop mini brush
5. Etude House Proof 10 Aqua tint
6. NYX gloss in True red
7. Majolica Majorca Lash King (see review in this post)
8. Majolica Majorca Blood On tint
9. Etude House Apricot stick # 1
10. Saizen mirror
11. Garnier light BB eye roll-on (my savior from dark circles and eye bags)
12. Celeteque facial moisturizer

As you can see I don't use anything that expensive and fancy since I am notorious for losing these kinds of stuff quickly. I'm also big on using lip and cheek stains. That's the only thing I normally wear in my face and if time permits, I dab a few coats of Majo-majo lash king on my lashes and line my eyes.

The Removers:

To remove the mascara and the liner, I use Majolica Majorca Eyes Reset gel. You just put a dab on two fingers and remove the eye make up in a circular motion then wipe it off. Do not rub!!! :)

I just use my usual facial wash (Neutrogena deep clean) to remove the cheek tint and the BB cream. Don't forget to moisturize. :)

The Random stuff:

Received these stuff (plus tons of  Hostess twinkies and zingers) from my good friend Mads from Vegas (thank you! love you!). And in return, I'm giving her these Majolica Majorca muk-ap (haha) and a few more surprises.

Sorry Mads, if it's taking me so long to send it ha? I'm looking for things to stuff the package with pa eh plus it's holy week. Please bear with me. hehe. :)

So what's in you make up kit?
<3 D.


  1. awww. don't worry abt it love. sorry i wasnt able to get u alot of things aside from broke ako, lol. i was actually in a hurry running around target, got something what i think u'll like and ran to LBC because they were going to close and i had an early flight the next day to come back here in vegas. i hope u liked it though. i miss you bigtime! <3


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