Thursday, May 24, 2012

Domestic Goddess Project: Wicked Oreos

I'm not in the mood to cook/bake/make something today but I don't want to just lie around and do nothing so I pulled myself together and tried to do something with the ingredients I have in stock. I was mentally arguing with myself with what I should do, chocolate chip pancakes or wicked/fried Oreos? The latter won.

It's so hot today that I didn't even know how I survived deep frying in front of a hot stove and a hot kitchen. It was a simple recipe but I was so exhausted and sweating like a pig when I finished. I'm still a bit dizzy as I'm typing right now.


Pancake mix and oreos

Step 1:
Prepare the pancake batter. Just follow the instructions of your preferred pancake mix. I chose the Pillsbury one step pancake mix because... it's just one step. lol

Just add water and presto!

Step 2:
Coat the Oreos with the pancake batter. Make sure to coat both sides.

Step 3:
Deep fry the coated Oreo's until golden brown. It will float when it's done and make sure to turn the Oreo's on both sides.

Don't let the oil get too hot or else you'll end up with burnt Oreos. I left mine a little too high that's why it's a bit darker than what I wanted and it cooked in less than 10 seconds. :(

Drain the remaining oil from the cookies with a paper towel.

Step 4:
Serve and enjoy!
I was planning on putting ice cream in the middle since I have a stock of Ben and Jerry's cherry garcia in the freezer but I opted to use the remaining whipped cream from my Eton Mess but it died on me sooner than expected. lol
Sorry for the messy presentation. That darn canned whipped cream was empty na pala. 

I was disappointed with the outcome because I didn't get enough fluff from the pancake mix I used. And I think I burnt some of the cookies. lol. And since my husband was my biggest fan *slash* taste tester, I brought him some at his home office. He actually LOVED it! I don't know if he's just saying that to make me happy since I was bummed out with the results or he genuinely liked it. haha.

I think I should scrap the idea of selling these. HAHA. But I still have time to practice.


<3 D.


  1. love wicked oreos toooo!:) love your blog! hope you'd follow back :)


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