Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I shop: Felicity by Feliza

Creativity plus a whole lot of cute! That's how I would describe this awesome online shop called Felicity by Feliza. You would remember my post about cute rings wherein I also featured this shop. Well, she has done it once again. She captured my heart and attention with their newest design of spike bracelets which just screams cool!

Received 4 sets of spike bracelets. 2 of which I am giving away. Click here for my GIVEAWAY!

Ain't she the sweetest? This is a skull bracelet from her newest collection.
You can mix and match the colors according to your mood or outfit. I love the pastels the best. :) The best part of it is that it's super affordable. She sells 3 pieces (a set) for only 50 Php. That is such a steal compared to other accessories being sold elsewhere. Check out her online shop at facebook for more awesome products from Felicity by Feliza

I'm giving away 2 sets of these babies on my on going blog giveaway! You still have the chance to join until Friday. :) Click here for my very first blog anniversary giveaway!

<3 D.


  1. Cute! Inexpensive and not you regular looking bracelets. Me wants soon! ;)

  2. These remind me of my childhood- I had a bunch of bracelets like these in rainbow colors I used to wear all the time (:



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