Monday, May 7, 2012

KCC Korean Language Graduation and Swag Bag

I recently graduated from Korean Cultural Center's basic language class program. Yay! If I could describe the whole basic language program, it's more of immersing yourself to the Korean culture and at the same time learn how to read & write Hangul. We also cooked Korean dishes, watched a movie and played traditional Korean games which made the whole course exciting and enjoyable.

That's me and my 7 month old belly receiving an award. LOL! Jahe kasi there are so many good and deserving students in my class that I didn't even bother thinking about getting this. 
The lovely language teachers. There's our super nice and pretty teacher Vicky in the middle. :)
The Basic Korean AM class of teacher Vicky with the obligatory Korean pose.

The Swag Bag
1. Korean Facts book
2. A jogakbo pouch
3. A nail cutter key chain
4. A 4GB USB key chain
5. 2 anti radiation stickers

I can't help but compare last term's swag bag which consists of a limited edition kpop/traditional instruments calendar (w/c you can't buy anywhere), a cute paper weight, stickers, plus a CD of DBSK. I like last term's swag bag better. lol.

I want to enroll Elementary Korean 1 but I can't since I'll be giving birth by the middle of the term. So I'll just take some Korean cooking classes on June. Can't wait to see my former classmates and of course seonsaengnim (teacher) Vicky next term.

Interested in taking classes at KCC?

<3 D.


  1. Congrats dear!

  2. Congrats! :)

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