Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Crazy Thursday + mini haul

My normal Thursday routine consists of waking up late, taking a bath, going to MOA or Greenhills with husband (date day), having late lunch, window shopping, actual shopping (sometimes ;)), dinner/coffee, then we cap it off with a late movie. Every two weeks (Thursdays), we go to the hospital for my OB check up. We always come early to avoid long queues and waiting. We hate waiting. My doctor is also a skin specialist which I'm now starting to hate. I hate the fact that all her "nagpapa-ganda" clients have to go first leaving all the pregnant women waiting for hours. **RANT** Diamond peel, Warts removal, at kung ano ano pang kaartehan yan, ano ba? Pwede wag kayo sumabay sa araw ng OB check ups? **END OF RANT** Since we were waiting for a good 3 hours waiting for client number 1 aka two-old-ladies-having-their-warts-removed, we decided to re-schedule our appointment. I didn't eat yet so I was really really cranky na.

Anyway our crazy Thursday didn't end there. Here's the list:
-Our car was almost hit not once but twice by crazy *ss drivers
-The MOA cinema almost caught on fire when one of their fancy thingamajigs (the card machine for you to get in) sparked and exploded in front of us. It was when the movie ended and people were coming out of the cinema. Some were stuck inside since the fire was getting bigger and no one's doing anything about it. I was dragging my husband to the nearest exit point and he was calling the guard to get a fire extinguisher. Some of the guards did not move at once (ayaw pa maniwala samin.) Everyone was panicking, Cha Time even closed their store. I don't think they have fire extinguishers near the cinema since 2 guards ran somewhere to get one. tsk tsk.

Enough of those stressful moments.

My mini haul:
I found this awesome store that sells Nylon magazine back issues. This one is March 2012, it's not really far behind and it's only a fraction of the price that I have to pay to other book stores. I love Lily Collins. So pretty!
And Teen Vogue too!
And the best find ever!!! The Archie Americana Series!!! My brother and I used to collect these Archie special editions but it was hard to find them. Good thing this store carries it. From the Forties to the Eighties. Got this for only 350 Php. I remember buying this at Filbar's for like 700Php back then.
The name of the store is "Just In". It's located at SM Mall of Asia in front of the IMAX theater ground floor, near Zippo. :)

Another Etude House mini haul. 

 And this cut-out tunic from Topshop that would highlight my pregnant belly. lol

So that's how my Thursday went. It was so stressful. I'm actually nursing a cold and a sore throat as I'm typing now and I blame the Thursday incident. lol Hope you guys had a better Thursday than I did. :)

<3 D.


  1. That's a very cute dress. Hmmm.. need to visit that mag store. Mura ng magazines sa kanila huh! :)

    1. Yeah you really shouls. It's much much cheaper compared to other book stores. :)

  2. Grabe naman nangyari sa inyo. At least you and you're husband were safe.

    1. Oo nga eh. Pero buti na lang safe pa rin kami. Ty! :)

  3. I love Nylon! How much is it?

  4. OMG. That MOA story is so creepy. Final Destination much?? I have that exact same Archies comic btw! :D

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