Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of Season Sale starts...NOW!

It's my favorite time of the year again. My birthday month which means it's "end of season sale" yet again. This is the time when all my savings goes down the drain. haha. Anyway, me and my husband went last Thursday to SM Mall of Asia to check out the Zara sale then I went again yesterday (alone) to check out the other sales.

I arrived around 10:30 AM at MOA today since my DFA passport renewal appointment ended early. There were only a hand full of cars at the parking building which made my life so much easier. Things got really crazy when I entered Topshop though. Almost all the items that I want are on sale but since I was on a strict budget, I didn't indulge much.

These are the heels I got on sale at Zara. I was really aiming to buy a blue wedge but someone snatched it before I did. Too bad it was the last stock on my size. :'( I was quite happy with these though, I got it pretty cheap so it really made my day. 

And these are my sale finds from Topshop(left) and Warehouse(right). 

The Topshop leather jacket is quite similar to my Topshop biker jacket I bought a few weeks back. I guess I have a penchant for all things leather and Topshop. hehe.
What makes it different is the awesome sleeves. It's not made of leather and it's sweater like in texture, plus it fits me like a glove. This was 50% off but me thinks it's still too pricey. :( I didn't have much choice since it was the last one on my size. Sigh!

I was also eyeing an american flag jean shorts (2 pieces left on my size) but I had to let it go since I can't afford both the jacket and the shorts. :( On the other hand, they have this secret sale promo wherein you can win make-up or gc's. I won this super cute blusher but I was really hoping to get the GC so that I could buy the shorts too.

The Warehouse Reverse Jacquard oversized cardigan is such a steal. I got it for more than 70% off from it's original price. The tag says it's 70% off but when I computed it was like on 80% off. I checked out their site and saw that the same cardigan was on sale but for 20£ which is roughly 1,500+ Php but I got it for far less than that. Love the oversize fit and the cashmere-like texture which I find really cozy. I think I will share it with my mom. :)

Another Topshop find but it's not on sale. BOO!!!
But in all fairness to the staff of Topshop MOA, they were willing to give me 20% off on all regular items even though I did not get an invite from them (secret sale thing). All they said was, since I'm a regular customer, I should also get the same privilege. Me and my husband visit Topshop MOA almost every week and he's friendly with all the staff especially when he's about to pay. HAHAHA.

My feet are sore right now from all the walking. And since I'm very very heavy and very very pregnant, I can't make myself walk for more than 3-4 hours. But I am determined to have a second mall sale run next week. Shhhh don't tell my husband though. lol.

<3 D.


  1. Nice haul. I would love to have that cardigan!

    1. Thanks! It's such a steal. There's a couple of it left pa at Warehouse Moa

  2. Daf, I like the cardigan. You are so good in looking for sale items. :D

    1. Hi Kace! Thanks! Naku super mura niyan, parang 599 ata. It was 3k+ dati! :)

  3. pretty amazing finds! i love the shoes! xx

  4. Fab finds! That Zara shoes is a steal. I think I saw that the other day in Shang but I bought something else. Hihi.

    1. It is! Super mura na lang kaya i couldn't resist buying it. :)


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