Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday night rant and whatnot

The Rant

Don't get me wrong. I love this "ombre" shorts to bits but I can't help but feel cheated because after further inspection, I found out that it's not dip dyed. It seemed that was colored (yes dyed) but in a very hurried and messy fashion. I want to show you guys the imperfections but I don't want to ruin their business therefore, I won't be mentioning their name either. Maybe I just got the badly dyed one? :( Another thing is that when I messaged them that I was not satisfied with my order, they didn't even bother to reply, the worst part is that they were ignoring my message because it seemed that they were online at that time.

Cute? Yes! but I'm not satisfied especially with the messy/badly dyed parts. :(

The Whatnot

Finally got my Uniqlo fix last Thursday. It was the last day of their promotional special priced garments which saved me a ton. I didn't buy anything for myself though since the selection for button down shirts (my personal Uniqlo favorite) is quite lacking. Instead, I bought a pair of walking shorts for my husband and a couple of shirts for my kid. And as a reward for my "noble" deed (lol), I bought myself a nice little dress from Topshop.

Feel good picture of the week: my chocolate stash :)

Have a great (mid)week guys!

Zara's end of season sale starts tomorrow and I am ready to be bankrupt again.

<3 D.


  1. that shorts looks disappointing nga. :| i get my dip dyed shorts from punk x pretty. quite pricey but it was done well. :)

    1. Yeah I checked them out. Their dip dyes looks way better than this. Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Yes! Zara end of season sale starts tomorrow!!! Plus you got me craving for chocolates in the middle of the night. Maybe don't order from them and just reveal their Shop name! They cant cheat others too!!! x - The Nuliya

    1. LOL. I don't want to make a big fuss about it since it may be an isolated case. But if you really want to know, give me your e-mail and I'll tell you the shop. :)

  3. oh i just adore those rainbow style shorts!amazing.perfect for summer looks.


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