Saturday, July 28, 2012

All for the love of FILM

I have this innate passion for cameras that use film. It has this certain pull on me, may it be in a form of 35mm, 120, slide, or instant films. I actually have a (extensive) collection of lomo cameras that I have amassed several years back. From my very first fish eye to my latest super sampler, I have a total of 5 lomos and 1 Instax camera.

I'm planning to invest (yes invest! This is one expensive hobby. Sigh!) on another Instax camera, the Fuji Instax Wide (hello kitty edition). hehe. Why do you have to be so expensive?
Another one of my AWESOME gif. lol. *HIGH FIVES SELF*
Will post my other lomo cams soon.

What makes it more special are the variety of films that I am able to use. It used to be so hard to acquire good films back when I was just starting this hobby, but specialty stores now provide a wide range of films such as filtered, cross processed, b&w, etc.

I am more fond of using expired films because it exudes a unique charm and color that a "fresh" roll of film cannot provide.

Instax films are different. I love using a variety of films, from plain ones to printed and colored borders. But mind you, the colored and printed films are much more expensive than the regular ones. That is why I was so ecstatic when I found out that there are film skins that would provide an instant color and oomph to the boring white ones. :)

You just have to peel off the sticker and voila! A new twist to the plain Instax films.
(photo: my Korean language class)

I am also a sucker for Instax accessories!!! I go crazy whenever I stumble upon a shop that sells stickers, deco pens and other Instax stuff. I.just.can't.get.enough!!! Sometimes, I just want to tie my hands behind my back so that I would stop clicking the "Buy now" button.

This is what you see behind my closet door. All the Instax prints that I didn't give away.

I enjoyed writing this post. It's really something that I'm passionate about and is very close to my heart. Hope you enjoyed reading it! :)

<3 D.


  1. Where did you buy your Polaroid? :)

    1. You mean the Fuji Instax? My husband gave it to me as a birthday gift. I think he bought it at Fuji Quiapo but you can laso check out Fuji stores at malls, they also sell instax there. :)

    2. Hi san banda un Fuji sa Quiapo

  2. I'd love to get into film photography, this post might just be the push I need teehee :3 I have a DSLR I love but the different types of film/effects are so intriguing!

  3. My husband is into film photography, though I love it, it's too tedious for me. I am dying to buy a polaroid camera! :)

  4. Where do you buy your instax films? I'm looking for a store in Quiapo where I can be significantly cheaper films:( Do you know any?


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