Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Awesome cakes

I am such a sucker for cakes that are delectable and aesthetically pleasing as well (see this post). So when an occasion calls for it, I immediately hit the web in search of bake shops that would cater to my needs. :)

1. Rainbow cake from Sophie's mom
From the makers of my birthday cake seen on this post. I ordered this one for my son's 2nd month birthday.

-Aesthetically pleasing
-Kid's would definitely love it
-Comes with a cute flag banner

-A bit messy (the samples on their fb page are much better)
-Lop-sided (but it didn't fall. thank goodness)

-It was ok. Not that great. I feel that there is something lacking.
-Not too sweet which I love

Will not order this again, but I would still try their other cakes.

They also have a cupcake version :)

2. Devil's Food cake from Chocolate Kiss Cafe
This was actually a suggestion of my brother. I gave it a try since I've heard that the shop was quite popular for their Devil's food cake. Ordered one for my husband's birthday.

-Aesthetically pleasing
-Box comes with a gift tag (lol)

- You have to travel all the way to Roces QC or UP Diliman to pick it up (but it's worth the hassle, really)

-Divine! My husband loved it and he's not really fond of eating sweets mind you!
-Chocolate cake with marshmallow-esque frosting/icing

-Will definitely order this again!

Another must try from Chocolate Kiss Cafe: Their Dayap Chiffon cake

Hoping this post made you hungry! :)

<3 D.

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  1. Ang layo naman. UP pa! I can only buy Sophie's kasi sya yung pinakamalapit.


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