Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

 I've been a kpop fan since forever. And when I received the good news from Nuffnang that they are holding a kpop related promo, I was ecstatic. But when I heard that it was a promo for the BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR, my heart skipped a beat and I know that I have to enter, I have to win!

Bigbang is my favorite kpop boy group ever! (see this post as proof lol) Don't get me wrong, I also love other groups but Bigbang stood out for me more. I have saved my money to buy their albums and to buy a ticket for their upcoming concert here in Manila. Can't wait!

For those of you who do not know who Bigbang is, they are a South Korean boy group formed back in 2006 by YG Entertainment (same company with 2ne1). They also won the Best Worldwide act last year at the MTV EMA's beating the likes of Britney Spears and Lena. Let me introduce the members one by one.

 This is the guy blessed with heavenly vocals. He has struggled in the past with problems and scandals but he remained strong and found time to repent which made me support him more. I personally think that the Samsung Galaxy s3 in marble white suits him the best. He has a sense of gentleness and lightness when he sings. Especially when he is singing my my current favorite song, Wings.

 The variety show master. You can put Seungri anywhere, anytime and it is a guarantee that he would immediately fit in and keep everyone entertained. That is why I think that the Samsung Galaxy s3 in Titanium Grey suits him the best. You can pair it with anything and it would still look clean and polished. Seungri is also known as the maknae (youngest) of the group but he is recently trying to break free from that image and I think this color is perfect for that, it just screams professional and mature.

 The leader. Kwon Jiyong aka G-dragon is known for his crazy outfits, superb rapping skills and writer of many of the groups songs. He is a complete stand out with his ever changing hair styles (and color) and fashion sense. He is considered a style chameleon, you can make him wear a trash bag and he would still be considered fashionable, that is why the Samsung Galaxy s3 in Garnet Red is the perfect partner for him.

Sol or Taeyang is known for his powerful vocals and dancing skills. He is the best dancer among the members of Bigbang. Some of you may have heard of his single "Wedding dress" which really made it big even here in the Philippines. For me, Taeyang exudes a bit of a mysterious and no-nonsense kind of attitude that can be perfectly paired with the Samsung Galaxy s3 in Sapphire Black.

TOP is the main rapper of the group. With his signature baritone voice, killer looks and piercing stare, he is an easy favorite among girls. I chose Samsung Galaxy s3 in pebble blue because it's charming and cute just like top. haha. Plus it's perfect together with his cotton candy blue hair. *swoons* lol

Can't wait to watch them perform live and I hope to see my fellow VIP's there! :)
Catch them live this October 24 at the SM Arena for their Bigbang Alive Galaxy tour.

<3 D.

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