Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The chelsea boots and the unexpected sale

It's been quite a while since I posted my last haul here in my blog. The reason behind this is simple, I haven't shopped for a couple of months now because I'm trying to save for an upcoming trip. But I am only human, so I decided to shop a "little" last week. Ahhh my love for superficial things is uncanny. Heeh!

I went to Forever 21 MOA twice last week. My plan was to find a decent outfit for my son's party, that's it. But my plan backfired and was surprised to see racks and racks of clothes on sale. I love sales (truly an understatement) but I love FURTHER REDUCTION sales more. (well, who doesn't?) I ended up buying several things on sale and a couple of regular priced items.

 The Chelsea booties that was NOT ON SALE! BOOOOO!!! But I really love Chelsea style booties (similar to the one I bought from Topshop) so I made an exemption. Ridiculously comfortable I must say.

So here's the low down, the items are already on sale but if you check the price and it ends with a 9 (209, 429 etc) it still has an additional 50% off. Cool eh?

 So yeah. I got that 30 piece bangle set for only 104.50 Php (roughly $2.50)

Here are the other things I got on sale:

If I would assess myself on how I did on my mission (to buy a decent outfit for my son's party), I would say that I have failed miserably. I ended up wearing a peplum top from Topshop purchased several weeks back. But then again, I scored tons of cool items for a fraction of its original price, so I guess it's a win win situation. Hehe.

Any bargain finds lately? Care to share them?

<3 D.

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