Friday, November 30, 2012

The Military Parka and Hoarding Basics

I can feel the cool breeze in the air as December is fast approaching. This means that I have to get all my sweaters, jumpers and jackets from my "baul" and get ready for a much colder season (hopefully). And of course it wouldn't hurt to add a few more to my collection, so I decided to hunt for the perfect army style jacket.

My hunt first started when I saw Frida J. and Jessica Y. wore one on, I was not a fan at first but I began to appreciate it when they added variations on how to wear it. It's safe to say that I was hooked. After searching far and wide, I luckily chanced upon this wonderful parka at Forever 21. The best part about it is that it looks perfect, fits awesome, and it was on SALE. :) My mom bought it for me on one of our impromptu shopping trips.

I also found some wonderful and super cheap v-neck shirts at the same store. I love how comfy, loose and versatile these babies are. Perfect especially when I feel too lazy to dress up, I could just pair it with just about anything. I bought it in every color since it only retails for 245 Php each. Teehee!

Too lazy to upload the photos since I've exceeded the amount allowed here on blogger. Hehe.

Any lucky finds recently? I'd love to hear about it. :)

<3 D. 


  1. I smiled when I saw your bottom photo. Yeah, I sometimes do the same when I buy basic tees and tops.

  2. I also have the V-neck tee from Forever 21. They are to mix-up with almost everything. I love. I got it here in SG for $8. Meaning mas mahal dito.

    More power :)


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