Friday, April 26, 2013

CCE Part 4 - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 2

I am back for good and I'm happy to announce that this is the last installment of my CCE (Christmas Came Early -or Late-... super duper late) segment! Yay!!! *throws confetti*

So the last and my most treasured package came from Solestruck. Ready? Dun dun dun... The Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 2. Lita's cousin from hell. I've been lusting to have these babies since day 1 and I found the perfect opportunity to buy it during the 30, 40, 50 Black Friday Solestruck sale. Good thing it came just in time for Christmas.

As you can see, this pair should be considered as a deadly weapon. (don't mess with me. HAHA) I sometimes wonder if owners have a hard time entering some establishments because of this. I have no problems with it so far. 

I know I could've just ordered the plain Lita's which you can pair with just about anything but I wanted to own something different, something out of the ordinary.

Sizing: True to size! I have read comments that some "sized up" because they were snug or narrow but I have no complaints on the sizing whatsoever.
Comfort: A bit uncomfortable when worn since it's a bit heavier than the usual Lita due to the overwhelming number of spikes. 2.5/5
Price: I bought it during Solestruck's black Friday sale so it was much much cheaper. 5/5 (Sale price)
Oomph Factor: Come on! These are killer...literally! 5/5
Pair it with: Basic tees and jeans so that the focal point will be the awesome shoes.

FAQ: Customs fees/charges.

-Once you order something from the US or anywhere in the world and you chose to have it delivered through the regular postal service of the country which your product will be coming from (e.g. USPS), YOU HAVE TO PICK IT UP AT THE POST OFFICE. Unless you paid for a door to door service which would  cost you an arm and a leg.

-If the product you are intending to buy is 50$ and above, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE CUSTOMS FEES. And if it is below 50$, all you have to pay for is the 40 Php postal service fee.

-Customs will charge you depending on what the product is, the cost of the product and shipping fee. Don't worry, they will give you a breakdown of all the charges.

-If you want to have an idea of how much Customs will charge you. They have provided a TAX CALCULATOR on their website.

If you have more questions, you can e-mail me at

It's nice to be back blogging again! I have tons of posts in store for you guys!

<3 D.


  1. love the stilettos,want to own one ,thanks your sharing

  2. Omg. Totally in love with these!

    XO, Michi


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