Friday, August 23, 2013

That Ombre Hair

Remember the time when ombre hair was all the rage? Well, I also jumped into the ombre bandwagon earlier this year. I thought of having it done professionally, which I know would cost me an arm and a leg but I read about a DIY hair bleaching product that would have the same results as a salon treated one. It was not easy to find that product because it was sold out everywhere. I called every branch in the metro but they all the same answer, "it was out of stock". Also tried my luck when I was in Korea, searched every store but I had no luck on finding it. After countless store visits, I finally got my hands on that precious product after three whole momths.

I colored my hair first into a light brown shade so that the ombre would come off more natural. I used the bubble hair color from Etude House but I forgot which shade. I think it was number 2 or 3? I opted to wait for a week before I started to bleach my hair. It was a harrowing experience because I was afraid that it would come out ugly or it won't suit me. It took me two boxes of bleach before I got it right. Thankfully it came out great!

Pardon the mirror shots. Those are my only stock photos.

Some words of caution before you try to bleach your hair. It would definitely dry up your hair. You've got to have some daily regimen other than shampooing since it will become very dry and very brittle. Conditioning everyday is a must and you can also try hair treatment products and do it at least once a week. Maybe you can also visit a salon once a month for some professional hair care. You're hair will need all the TLC that it can get.

My ombre lasted a couple of months before my hair got too long and needed some re-bleaching. And honestly, i was also starting to get tired of it. But instead of bleaching my hair again and risking further damage in my hair, I decided to cut the ombre part off. It was probably for the best because I was starting to neglect it. Now, my hair is just falling below my shoulders and I'm starting to think about bleaching it again and maybe add some color to the tips. Maybe pink, blue, or purple? What do you guys think?

But if you are afraid of having your hair fried by bleach, there are other options to achieve an awesome ombre. May I suggest you try some hair chalk (a bit messy though) or how about the fail-safe micro loop hair extensions instead. It will definitely have the same ombre effect and you may choose how blond you want to go plus it is detachable so you can go ombre one day and back to your old hair the next. :) You may want to check out  this site for more cool and different types of hair extensions that is made from 100% human hair. They have everything and may help you find the one that is suited for you.

<3 D.


  1. No way - you did that yourself?! It looks amazing! :)

    sorelle in style

  2. To do this using Micro loop is definately the best way I Have just done a blog about it


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