Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wanderlust: South Korea

As a huge kpop and k-drama fan, it is a must to visit the "homeland". It has always been a dream of mine to breathe the same air and walk the same ground as the many kpop idols I adore. And since I have also converted my mom to be a k-anything addict, it was easy to persuade her to book a flight to South Korea. Haha. So yes, I have crossed another one from my long bucket list.
Day 1
Incheon Airport
Korea House
Namsangol Hanok Village

World's no. 1 airport (2012)
This is one crazy HUGE airport. It has its own railway system INSIDE the airport. Deyng! Plus the duty free shops are to die for! How I wish NAIA would be like this.
Korea House is situated near our hotel so we decided to take a peek. We didn't get to do much though, but they offer traditional cooking classes and traditional shows in the evening.

My ninja/akyat bahay pose at Namsangol Hanok village
Found this couple seated near the entrance of the village. I just love this photo so much.

Hanok is the traditional house in Korea. So this village is basically full of traditional houses plus you can also enjoy their traditional games etc.
Day 2
Changdeokgung Palace
Secret Garden
Seoul City Tour bus (night course)
Cheonggyecheon stream

All photos above are taken at Changdeokgung Palace's secret garden. Didn't post any from the other sites we visited since I'm reserving it for my part 2. :)
Day 3
Itaewon street
Namsan Tower
Teddy bear museum
PSY bear.
Resisted the urge to do the Gangnam style dance beside it.

I have tons of photos but I have decided to just post the ones taken from N-Seoul tower and the Teddy bear museum (which is inside N-seoul tower).
If you have watched "Boys over Flowers", I am pretty sure that you are familiar with this site. But in case you forgot, let me refresh your memories. This is where Gu Jun Pyo waited for Jandi for 4 hours. Their 1st date. Haha. Oh and the prince and princess Teddy bears are from the k-drama "Princess Hours" which is one of my favorite k-drama's of all time.
Day 4
Nami Island
Hongik University
Are you familiar with the k-drama "Winter Sonata"? This island became a popular tourist destination because of that drama. I am in love with this place. We came in between winter and spring so there are still small patches of snow. It was so darn cold but the view is just breath taking. I would love to go back here during spring and catch the beauty of it in full bloom.

Photo # 3 - obligatory jump shot taken by my mom
Photo # 4 - Lovers in Nami (HAHA laughing at my own joke *lame*)
Photo # 5 - This is the ferry or whatever you want to call it, that carried us at Nami. It comes every 30 mins.
Day 5
Hyewa Dong
Filipino Sunday street market
Ihwa village
Lotte World
We went to Hyewa Dong because we wanted to hear mass since it was Sunday. Little did we know that they celebrate the mass in Tagalog there which was awesome. There was also a Filipino street market every Sunday just outside the church and we met some Pinoys who reside and work there.

Ihwa village is not as popular as other tourist spots in Seoul but I think it is worth the hassle. My mom chanced upon the place when she was watching 1 night and 2 days. This village has its own character and it comes alive with the murals and art installations found everywhere.

Our last stop for the night is Lotte world! We didn't get to Everland so I think this will do. Haha.
Day 6 and 7 was allotted for shopping and my pilgrimage to YG building which you will be able to see on my next post.
I am definitely going back to SoKor soon.
Thoughts? :)

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