Thursday, September 12, 2013

Korea Shoe Haul (Part 2) - Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott 2ne1 Wings

This is the reason why I left Korea broke. Broke but happy. If you are a kpop fan then you should know 2ne1. If you're a blackjack then you probably know that they are often garbed in Jeremy Scott. If you're a hardcore blackjack then you should've known that this certain type of wings was designed for 2ne1. And since I'm a hardcore Blackjack/VIP/YG stan I just have to get my hands on this certain pair.

It was one of my missions in Seoul, to find myself a pair of wings. Not this particular kind actually. What I had in mind is a simple white or black one but I guess I got lucky. I chanced upon this pair at an Adidas Originals store in Itaewon. I also wanted to buy my son a pair of teddy bear sneakers but they don't carry toddler sizes but my mom found this cute tiger stripe rubber shoes and bought it for him.


Sizing: I got a US 5.5 pair and it fits just right including the socks.
Comfort: Hella comfortable
Price: I said I got broke after I bought this right? :/
Oomph Factor: It's a pair of shoes with wings. I'm sure heads will turn.
Pair it with: The shoe is crazy enough so I suggest you tone down your clothes when wearing this pair.

When worn

Broke but happy. Yes.

<3 D.

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  1. This shoes is no nice, I hope I can have it!


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