Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Whenever something has caught my attention, I do whatever it takes to get it or achieve it. It often involves my hobbies. (i.e. kpop, shopping, photography/lomography) You can call me a hobbyist or whatever but I can't help but obsess on some things like these newest addition to my growing camera family.

1) The Fuji X100S
Don't get fooled with it's vintage design. It is one powerful point of shoot camera that has superb image quality. This is one of the go-to point and shoot cameras of professional photogs. I may say that it resembles a Leica (I want one!) waaay cheaper. I say cheap but I still find it a tad bit expensive, but worth every centavo. One word: Amazing!

It doesn't need film btw. LOL I just added the films for a more vintage feel.

2) The Konstruktor
Ahhh my latest analogue fixation. One of the cheapest lomo cams out there in the market. What's unique about it is that you are the one who is going to have to assemble or construct the camera, hence the name. I was extra super careful in constructing this because one wrong move and the camera might not work.

So yes! I am very much camera obsessed. I forgot to post another camera of mine. The GoPro Hero3+ Black edition which I carry most of the time. Hehe. There's something about capturing memories and making time stand still that gets to me every freaking time.

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<3 D.

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