Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wanderlust: Korea Day 2 - Everland Theme Park

This is my second time to visit Korea but this is the first time to visit Everland theme park. It's Korea's answer to Disneyland and Universal Studios, but what makes it special is the unique charm it exudes. From the overflowing display of tulips and seasonal flowers in their magic garden all-year round to the scary looking wooden roller coaster or T-express with a 151 ft. drop in which I'm too chicken to try out. lol

How to get to Everland Theme Park:
By Train:
1. take the Bundang line (yellow line)
2. stop and alight at Giheung station
3. take the escalator to the Ever Line
4. alight at the last stop or the Jeondae Everland station
5. After exiting, you will see a bridge leading to the Bus terminal.
6. Wait in line for the shuttle to Everland (this is FREE of charge)

I told you in my other post that we didn't get to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom but guess what welcomed us at Everland? Cherry Blossom trees all lined up in it's full glory. We were so delighted and (relieved) to see these sight of beauty.

Another thing that made my visit worth-while was the fact that there was a YG family Hologram concert "ride" inside everland. And it is the very first ride that you will see when you enter the park. I already saw both groups (and Psy too) perform live twice and this Hologram experience is on a whole new different level. Crazy kpop fangirl mode on. It was so funny and at the same time humiliating to scream and fangirl on hologram images but YOLO right? (And the fact that I was the only one cheering and screaming for them.)

Oh you know, it's just me and my kpop faves hanging.

Hello I'm tourist Daphne.

Oh hello Germany/Holland in Korea

A mountain full of Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom is such an awesome backdrop no?

I love touristy shots. lol

Entrance Fee:
48,000 Won - Adult (Roughly 1,900+ PhP)

But... we got a discount price of 38,000 Won (or 1,500+ PhP) because were awesome... or not. Ok ok, we got this coupon from their website or you can just present your passport at the Foreigner's ticketing office at the far right side of the entrance.

Surviving Everland TIPS:
1. Bring your Passport (for the discount)
2. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothes.
3. Bring a good camera.
4. Come early because you have a lot of space to cover I SWEAR!!! One day is almost never enough.
5. Stay until the fireworks

We also got to enjoy other lola rides as well such as the Thomas the train ride and the Cable Car twice!!! Beat that. Haha. I will definitely come back and have my revenge with the T-express. Soon!!!

Thoughts? Comments are welcome. ;)
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<3 D.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wanderlust: Seoul Searching, Cherry Blossom Hunting, and Myeongdong Shopping

Summer has been pretty awesome for me since I got the chance to visit Korea again. The last time I went to Seoul, It was still winter time, but now we finally got the chance to watch and marvel the beauty of South Korea in Spring.

Day 1 Morning: Cherry Blossom Hunting

We arrived  a few days late for the cherry blossoms since it bloomed earlier this year in Seoul. Everyone was expecting it to bloom the date of our arrival, but unfortunately they have to move the Cherry Blossom/Spring Flower festival to an earlier date. But we were lucky enough to see the Cherry Blossom trees at Yeoido Park before it turned green. 

It was raining quite hard that day and it was so hard to capture decent photos of the trees. My photos do not give justice to the beauty of the trees. It was a bit depressing that we didn't see it in full bloom... or did we? You'll see in my next post.

Day 1 Afternoon: Myeongdong Shopping

I was never a fan of going on group tours. We always want to travel at our own phase, no rushing, no time constraints. So when we booked this trip we knew that somehow we should plan for the whole 8 days. Day 1 was reserved solely for cherry blossom hunting, this Myeongdong trip however was unplanned.

After our trip to Yeoido Park, we decided to have lunch at Myeongdong, the most popular shopping district in Seoul. We immediately headed to the nearest restaurant in our midst and ordered this delicious bibimbap for my first lunch in Seoul. I was expecting a bit of meat in my bibimbap but unfortunately it was pure veggies and egg. On a brighter note, it was sooooo delicious and inexpensive that I am craving the same dish as we speak. The dish was so simple but so flavorful and healthy that I might consider becoming a vegetarian... or not!

The shopping part was what I have been waiting for since we arrived in Seoul. For day 1, I managed to hoard tons of cute socks for "pasalubong" since it was so cheap. We also visited a few cosmetic shops to buy Korea's beloved BB creams and face masks. I've always had a knack for shopping, obviously. It is quite exhilarating really. I will post my Seoul buys in another post hopefully soon. :)

Myeongdong is one of the busiest parts of Seoul, with thousands of Koreans and tourists alike shopping even on weekdays and hundreds of shops to choose from, It is a no-brainer that I consider this as one of my favorite shopping destinations of all time.

I very much used all of my energy roaming the streets of Myeongdong that I ended up looking like crap before going home. So please excuse the bunny face. At least you got to see a cute bunny rather than seeing the mess that I was that day. lol.

It's my second time in Seoul and it feels great to see a new side of it.  I am hoping that there will be a third time sooner rather than later. Maybe around autumn of next year? One can only hope. :)

<3 D.

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