Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From North Edsa to Rockwell to Mall of Asia

Had a very very busy Saturday. My mom and I went to SM North Edsa for the YG family album launch (a kpop thing) and to check out the new Forever 21 branch. Then we headed out to Powerplant mall in Makati for a Cibo lunch and to pick up the pants my mom had reserved at Dorothy Perkins. We strolled around for a good hour or two before we went straight to SMX convention center for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday '12 Day 5.

It was really exhausting especially for a pregnant woman like me but I had so much fun since it served as a mini shopping trip for me and my mom.

So here's my mini haul:
I wore this booties immediately after the purchase. hahaha.

Booties and bandeau both from Forever 21

 Finally found a copy of this very controversial book. I'll write a review as soon as I finish reading it. I'm a quarter away from finishing it and all I can say is that this is definitely NOT FOR KIDS OR TEENS!!!

What I had for lunch at Cibo. I paired it with my favorite Menta iced tea. mmmmmmmmm yum!

I'll post the YG family day haul (spell freebies!!!) some other time. Kpop has a very special place in my heart eh especially YG artists. hehe.

So me saving is really not working well at the moment. Ha ha! I've been eyeing this Aldo x Julian Louie shoes since forever and I saw it on sale the other time. I had a hard time sleeping (not O.A. at all) since I decided to skip the buying part. ha ha! Soooo I decided to buy it ASAP!!! I'll post it as soon as I get my hands on it.

<3 D.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday '12 Day 5 -

One of the three shows I attended this Philippine Fashion Week. Featuring the designs of Chris Jasler, Melchor Guinto, Philipp Tampus, and Veejay Floresca.

I did not bring the DSLR because it's just too heavy for a pregnant woman like me to carry around. So please forgive me for this blurry and most of the time "puro likod" photos. HAHA. I was seated near the end of the runway, pretty good seat naman.

Winner ang opening ni Chris Jasler!

Kelly Misa who was taking photos of everyone in the first row.
Micheal Cinco who was seated a couple of rows in front of me.
You guys might be wondering what I wore that day. I was actually leaning towards a Topshop dress but I chose to wear my sheer sequined collar/cuffs top from Trendphile as seen here. I had a hard time choosing my cover up though. Can you guess which one I wore?

Paired it with my black super short shorts and my new booties I bought at Forever 21 earlier that day. hehe.

Unfortunately I didn't get to take photos of other shows that day since my battery died after this particular show. :( I will try to post the Unica Hija show tomorrow. :)

<3 D.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

DGP: DIY Studded Dip Dye Ombre Shorts

Domestic Goddess Project# 5

Dip-dye and ombre shorts are all the rage right now. I wanted to buy a pair for myself at Topshop but it's just too expensive. I can't seem to justify spending 2k plus for just a pair of distressed shorts. So I figured, I can make this. I rummaged through my super messy closet and took for a pair of jeans that I'm not using for the past year or so and decided to cut if off and with a few household products, I've successfully made my very own Ombre shorts.

I'm happy to share with you guys my first attempt on dip-dying and studding.

You willl need:
Old cut-off jeans

Step 1:
Prepare the bleach and water mixture in a small container. Fill in half of the container with bleach and fill in the rest of the container with water. Be sure to use gloves!

Step 2:
Decide which part of the shorts you want to bleach. I wanted the upper part to be bleached so I hung the shorts upside-down. The hanger is just an additional precaution since the water can seep through the whole garment easily. It serves as a handle for me.

Step 3:
Dip your desired part and length into the bleach-water solution for about an hour or until you got the color you want. Check the garment every 5-10 minutes.
After 10 minutes of soaking
After 30 minutes of soaking
After an hour of soaking
Got my desired color after an hour and 15 minutes of soaking

Step 4: Wash and dry
Make sure to wash the shorts properly with laundry detergent to remove any trace of bleach. Then spin or hang to dry.

Finished product

Step 1:
Decide on where to put the studs and visualize the pattern that you want to make. I wanted to make an inverted triangle.

Step 2:
Push the stud through the fabric. Make sure that all four points make it through the other side.

Step 3:
Using tweezers, press the points into the center one by one.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you finish your desired pattern.

TADAH!!! :)

After my successful attempt, I wanted to dip dye every single one of my jean shorts. lol. I hope this simple tutorial inspired you to make one. :)

Till my next Domestic Goddess Project (DGP)!

<3 D.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Haul: Leather, Floral, Leopard, Studs and Spikes


Leather biker jacket and backpack both from Topshop

Floral Bustiers from Sparkle Couture

A pocket mirror/card wallet c/o my mom from XOXO (on sale)

Studs and Spikes:
Studs and Spikes for my upcoming DIY projects.

I'm quite excited to show you my latest DIY project so here's a sneak peek...
Yes I did this. I'll post the tutorial hopefully by tomorrow. :)
I lined this post to be published in a later time today since I will be up and running the whole day. And as you are reading this I'm probably somewhere in Pasay, SMX convention center to be exact, wiggling my way through a sea of uncontrollable yet very "fashyon" crowd (well, except for me). lol

Have a fun Saturday everyone!

<3 D.
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