Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of Season Sale starts...NOW!

It's my favorite time of the year again. My birthday month which means it's "end of season sale" yet again. This is the time when all my savings goes down the drain. haha. Anyway, me and my husband went last Thursday to SM Mall of Asia to check out the Zara sale then I went again yesterday (alone) to check out the other sales.

I arrived around 10:30 AM at MOA today since my DFA passport renewal appointment ended early. There were only a hand full of cars at the parking building which made my life so much easier. Things got really crazy when I entered Topshop though. Almost all the items that I want are on sale but since I was on a strict budget, I didn't indulge much.

These are the heels I got on sale at Zara. I was really aiming to buy a blue wedge but someone snatched it before I did. Too bad it was the last stock on my size. :'( I was quite happy with these though, I got it pretty cheap so it really made my day. 

And these are my sale finds from Topshop(left) and Warehouse(right). 

The Topshop leather jacket is quite similar to my Topshop biker jacket I bought a few weeks back. I guess I have a penchant for all things leather and Topshop. hehe.
What makes it different is the awesome sleeves. It's not made of leather and it's sweater like in texture, plus it fits me like a glove. This was 50% off but me thinks it's still too pricey. :( I didn't have much choice since it was the last one on my size. Sigh!

I was also eyeing an american flag jean shorts (2 pieces left on my size) but I had to let it go since I can't afford both the jacket and the shorts. :( On the other hand, they have this secret sale promo wherein you can win make-up or gc's. I won this super cute blusher but I was really hoping to get the GC so that I could buy the shorts too.

The Warehouse Reverse Jacquard oversized cardigan is such a steal. I got it for more than 70% off from it's original price. The tag says it's 70% off but when I computed it was like on 80% off. I checked out their site and saw that the same cardigan was on sale but for 20£ which is roughly 1,500+ Php but I got it for far less than that. Love the oversize fit and the cashmere-like texture which I find really cozy. I think I will share it with my mom. :)

Another Topshop find but it's not on sale. BOO!!!
But in all fairness to the staff of Topshop MOA, they were willing to give me 20% off on all regular items even though I did not get an invite from them (secret sale thing). All they said was, since I'm a regular customer, I should also get the same privilege. Me and my husband visit Topshop MOA almost every week and he's friendly with all the staff especially when he's about to pay. HAHAHA.

My feet are sore right now from all the walking. And since I'm very very heavy and very very pregnant, I can't make myself walk for more than 3-4 hours. But I am determined to have a second mall sale run next week. Shhhh don't tell my husband though. lol.

<3 D.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday night rant and whatnot

The Rant

Don't get me wrong. I love this "ombre" shorts to bits but I can't help but feel cheated because after further inspection, I found out that it's not dip dyed. It seemed that was colored (yes dyed) but in a very hurried and messy fashion. I want to show you guys the imperfections but I don't want to ruin their business therefore, I won't be mentioning their name either. Maybe I just got the badly dyed one? :( Another thing is that when I messaged them that I was not satisfied with my order, they didn't even bother to reply, the worst part is that they were ignoring my message because it seemed that they were online at that time.

Cute? Yes! but I'm not satisfied especially with the messy/badly dyed parts. :(

The Whatnot

Finally got my Uniqlo fix last Thursday. It was the last day of their promotional special priced garments which saved me a ton. I didn't buy anything for myself though since the selection for button down shirts (my personal Uniqlo favorite) is quite lacking. Instead, I bought a pair of walking shorts for my husband and a couple of shirts for my kid. And as a reward for my "noble" deed (lol), I bought myself a nice little dress from Topshop.

Feel good picture of the week: my chocolate stash :)

Have a great (mid)week guys!

Zara's end of season sale starts tomorrow and I am ready to be bankrupt again.

<3 D.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Little Things That Make Life Grand

Seeing my little boy before he steps out into this world  :')
Censored! lol
Can you see him? Good fetal heart rate too! :)

I'm glad he's doing fine inside. I often feel his hiccups which is sometimes bothersome but super cool nonetheless. I hope it's not a sign of fetal distress or anything.

Hoping to blog more before I give birth since I will have to take a short hiatus after. I only have around 2 weeks left and were freaking excited! I even packed my "go bag" just in case I go into labor ahead of time.

That's it for now! Laters baby! (lol)

<3 D.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dressing up Pregnant

Since I'm a week away from being 9 moths pregnant and I'll be going back to my regular shorts-t-shirt, laid back dressing in no time, I'd like to share with you some tips on how to dress up comfortably and fashionably during your preggy months.

I know it's not easy to dress up when you have one (or even two) in the oven. I personally felt lazy and most likely throw on anything I get my hands into that still fits. But after my first trimester, I decided to sort out all my clothes that would accommodate my growing bump and even shop a little for a few prego must-haves.

Stock up on dresses (unique ones are always better)
Dress: Topshop
Booties: Forever 21
Like this dress I got from Topshop with a front cut-out detail. I love love love this dress not only because it's so comfortable but also because of the unique cut-out detail that would highlight my pregnant belly. And since I love it so much, I bought it in black and dip-dye pink and gray (as shown above). :) Just pair it with a nice pair of boots or sandals and you're good to go.
Wear it from: 1st month to 9th month and even after pregnancy :)

Wear adjustable/garterized rompers
Romper: Tomato
Leather jacket: Topshop
Rompers are not easy to pull off. Trust me, I know! But of course with it's adjustable/garterized waist, it easily becomes one of our best friends. Some rompers offer sleeves but most are on the "sexier" side, with only spaghetti straps or no straps at all (tube type). If you are very conservative and don't want to flaunt your bare arms, you can always put on a trusty cover up.
Wear it from: 1st month up to 2nd trimester

Maxi Dresses and skirts
Maxi dress: KOB
Sandals: Havaianas
Bag: Oasap
 My personal favorite. Maxi dresses are a no-brainer for pregnant women wanting to be fashionable and at the same time fuss-free. It can be a maxi dress with bold prints or even just a simple solid colored one. Pair it with flat sandals or even flip-flops.
Wear it from: 1st month and beyond... :)

The Drawstring lounge pants
Drawstring pants: Terranova
Bustier top: Sparkle Couture
Bag: Oasap
Flip-flops: Accessorize
I love this lounge pants so much! I have been wearing this from my very first pregnancy up to now. This is a very versatile piece, you can pair it a bustier top on your 1st trimester then a much looser top on the following months. Pair it with pretty flip-flops or sandals for an easy vibe.
Wear it from: 1st month up to 9th month and beyond

It's now less than a month before I give birth. I'm very very very excited. I had an ultrasound yesterday and everything seems fine. Dragon Huang is on his ready position (cephalic) and got his game face on. HAHA. I hope he stays that way until our big day though. :)

Anyway, I hope this helped all the pregnant mommy to be's out there! :)

<3 D.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Package Received! :)

Received a package from Oasap, one of my international sponsors. :) Picked it up at the post office this morning before heading out to the Fort with my mom. It was actually my first time to step into the Philippine Post office building. It was kind of sad that the place is ill kept despite the wonderful and grandiose facade. Another sad fact is that no one seems to send hand written letters anymore. (di na uso ang pen pals lol)

My mom asked me what window is written on the claim card. I told her window 131 and the guard happily pointed us towards the staircase leading to the basement. I cannot imagine making my way through that basement alone and at night. It was waaaay creepy.  

Vintage Flower Embossed 2 way bag c/o OASAP

There were 3 people in line and the service was really fast plus the officer at the window was really nice. But what surprised me the most is that I only payed 40Php (1$ or so) for my package. I was hoping for a much higher price since I heard from another blogger that she was asked to pay a whopping 1000Php (23$ more or less) for her package. *Panic attack*

Enough about my first ever post office experience, let's talk about the bag. I am in love with this bag from the moment I saw it on Oasap. It has the vintage-y feel which I am really inclined too, similar to this bag I got from Accessorize. And the best part about it is that besides from being roomy, it has a 2 way handle. You can  switch it from a shoulder bag to hand bag in a jiffy. Cool eh? I think this bag deserves an outfit post. Watch out for that!

Thank you to :)

<3 D.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

DGP: DIY Spike Ankle Strap Shoes

Domestic Goddess Project #6

I was bored to my wits yesterday on account of a recurring power outage due to heavy rains. We lost electricity 3 times. It was such a bummer and a hassle considering that it was hot despite the rain and I'm not really comfortable in the dark. Good thing I'm prepared for this kind of situations. :)

Anywho, I finally had the perfect excuse to continue my DIY projects. And today, I'm going to show you how to spike your perfectly boring (nothing wrong about that) ankle strap shoes.

What you'll need:
The ankle strap shoes. It can be wedge, flats or heels as long as it has a detachable ankle strap.

1. The spikes
2. The screw lock for the spikes (usually comes with the spikes when you purchase it)
3. Poking/Holing tools.

So I've been bombarded with questions on where did I purchase my studs and spikes from my previous post and DIY project. You can easily purchase it at Divisoria. They got it all for you! haha. But if you want a more convenient way of purchasing it, you can buy online at a shop called Ony Mous. :)

I actually have 2 sizes of spikes. One is smaller and less pointy, the other one is bigger and very pointy.
I chose the smaller one so that I won't have a hard time putting the strap back in the shoe. :)

Step 1:
Decide on the length of intervals per spike. 
An inch away will do.

Step 2:
Poke the holes.
I poked 9 holes per strap = 18 spikes on both straps.

Step 3:
Push the studs into the hole
If the hole is too small, you can always cut your way through using the scissors.
Tip: cut a cross pattern so that the spike will easily slide to the other side.

Step 4:
Attach the screw to the back side of the spike. 
Make sure to screw it on tight.

Step 5:
Putting back the spiked strap on the shoe. 
This is the trickiest part. You have to make sure that the spiked portions fit the loop at the back of the shoe or else you have to unscrew each spike and do it again while the strap is attached to the shoe.

Finished Product
LOL at my washed out legs. Ang puti! HAHAHA
The great thing about this DIY is that you can always remove the straps if your not feeling edgy or if you are wearing it to a formal event. It's totally up to you if you want to wear it with spikes or just the plain black wedge.

Did you like my simple tutorial? Hope I inspired you to do some DIY's. :)

<3 D.

Friday, June 15, 2012

34 weeks

Only a few weeks to go until I pop. Haha. I'm really excited and nervous at the same time even though this is the second time that I'll be giving birth. I am really hoping for a normal delivery and of course a healthy baby boy. 

My biggest concern right now is the size of the baby, I'm afraid that he is too small, but then again, that was also my concern with my first baby and he turned out alright. :) Hoping and praying for the best!

Knit Dress: Miu miu
(What I wore to the hospital. We went there to visit our auntie/ninang who was inflicted with dengue. I hope she's all better now.)

I was feeling under the weather lately because of my pregnancy worries but nothing a few chocolates and a red lipstick won't fix. :)
(Which one is better? The up-do or the messy hair?)
I'm actually planning on cutting my hair but I keep on postponing it. I feel like blah with my long untamed hair and I can't afford to worry about it when I have more important things to attend to right now. Di ba noh?

 So what are/were your pregnancy concerns?

<3 D.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cravings: Gulab Jamun

 Who gets cravings on their 8th month of pregnancy? I do! Well sort of.

I've been craving Gulab Jamun, a popular Indian dessert for the past week or so. My feet were itching to go to the nearest Indian mini mart to buy myself a kilo of these. Maybe I should thank the Gods or Vishnu for the blessing of having an Indian mini mart/cafe just a short drive away from our house.

So what is it exactly?
It's like a rolled dough consisting of milk and flour deep fried then submerged in a sugar syrup.

Is it hard or soft?
Very very soft. As in melts in your mouth soft.

How do you eat it?
Put it in your mouth, chew then swallow. Just kidding.
The best way is to eat it whole. You'll feel all the juices exploding in your mouth. But of course you can bite your way through it.

Is it an acquired taste?
No. It's really tasty.

What does it taste like?
In my opinion, it's pretty similar to the taste of our popular dessert Leche Flan but less smooth and juicier. Very milky and sweet.

Where can I buy one?
Indian restaurants usually offer these. I got mine at Assad Mini Mart in U.N. Ave. You know the row with the   Indian cafe's and mini markets. It's the one with the large green signage, you can't miss it. It is also near the Indian Sikh Temple.

How much is it?
It's 350 Php (roughly $8) per kilo. Of course you can get half a kilo or even 1/4 if you just want to try it out. Since there are other varieties of Gulab Jamun (with coconut shavings etc.), ask for the one in syrup.

 I'm going to try making this from scratch soon. Another domestic goddess project in the works. :)

<3 D.

Monday, June 11, 2012

YG Family Haul and Freebies

My mom and I went to the YG Family Album launch a couple of weeks ago at Astroplus SM North Edsa. We were contemplating whether to go to SM Megamall or in North Edsa, but since I also wanted to check out the newest Forever 21 shop we preferred to go to the latter.

Here's what we got:

1. 2ne1 NOLZA Live Concert DVD
Cool velvet casing, 2 DVD's and a Picture book

 2. 2ne1 Second Mini Album
 CD, Post Cards and YG Family Card. I'm now officially a Blackjack.

3. Seven Mini Album
 CD, Picture book, and YG Family Card

And last but definitely not the least...

4. BIGBANG Alive Album
Metallic casing, CD, Picture book and YG Family Card

Here's a sneek-peak of what's inside the book.
T.O.P. my ultimate kpop crush
Taeyang looking hot with all the tatts.
TOP and Seungri
Seungri and G-Dragon
T.O.P. again. :)
and Daesung
2. Head phones
3. Baller bands
4. Notepad
5. Sticker
6. Bag 

The good people of Astroplus North Edsa advised us to separate our purchases into 2 batches (for every 1500Php = 1 complete set of freebies) so that we can get 2 complete sets of freebies. So me and my mom took home a set each. :)

Being a kpop fan, I consider this as one of my best hauls EVER!!!

<3 D.
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