Saturday, July 28, 2012

All for the love of FILM

I have this innate passion for cameras that use film. It has this certain pull on me, may it be in a form of 35mm, 120, slide, or instant films. I actually have a (extensive) collection of lomo cameras that I have amassed several years back. From my very first fish eye to my latest super sampler, I have a total of 5 lomos and 1 Instax camera.

I'm planning to invest (yes invest! This is one expensive hobby. Sigh!) on another Instax camera, the Fuji Instax Wide (hello kitty edition). hehe. Why do you have to be so expensive?
Another one of my AWESOME gif. lol. *HIGH FIVES SELF*
Will post my other lomo cams soon.

What makes it more special are the variety of films that I am able to use. It used to be so hard to acquire good films back when I was just starting this hobby, but specialty stores now provide a wide range of films such as filtered, cross processed, b&w, etc.

I am more fond of using expired films because it exudes a unique charm and color that a "fresh" roll of film cannot provide.

Instax films are different. I love using a variety of films, from plain ones to printed and colored borders. But mind you, the colored and printed films are much more expensive than the regular ones. That is why I was so ecstatic when I found out that there are film skins that would provide an instant color and oomph to the boring white ones. :)

You just have to peel off the sticker and voila! A new twist to the plain Instax films.
(photo: my Korean language class)

I am also a sucker for Instax accessories!!! I go crazy whenever I stumble upon a shop that sells stickers, deco pens and other Instax stuff. I.just.can't.get.enough!!! Sometimes, I just want to tie my hands behind my back so that I would stop clicking the "Buy now" button.

This is what you see behind my closet door. All the Instax prints that I didn't give away.

I enjoyed writing this post. It's really something that I'm passionate about and is very close to my heart. Hope you enjoyed reading it! :)

<3 D.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feeding My Obsession

This is my second consecutive post that includes my satchel and batchel collection/obsession. I just can't get enough of these babies. I love the simple and sleek design that would match any outfit perfectly.

These two are the newest addition to my growing collection.
I bought the neon one but the Aztec print batchel is a gift from my husband.

On a different note, my blog has reached another milestone. I now have 300 GFC followers!!! Yay!!! And as a thank you to everyone who reads, skims through, and passed by my blog, I will be holding a special GIVEAWAY soon!!! I still have to think of an awesome prize though. hehe. Suggestions are welcome! Please don't suggest naman house and lot, car or pangka-buhayan showcase ha? Di ko carry yun. lol

<3 D.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Silence and Gifts

I've been a very bad blogger lately for a number of reasons. First reason is because I'm trying to find new materials for my blog. Yes it's a personal blog wherein I write anything and everything I put my little hands into but I want it to have a common theme and a little more depth. Still trying to figure out what to do though. Second is due to the fact that I just gave birth. I know it's a week early from my expected delivery date but we couldn't be more happier with the newest addition to our awesome family. lol. I'll tell you about that in another post.

On another note, I wanted to share with you the gifts I got for my birthday.

A 13" batchel backpack and an 11" metallic satchel.

I am IN LOVE with these. Been carrying the red batchel backpack everywhere I go. It's perfect since I have been searching for a bag that fits an ipad plus all of my other stuff and it easily converts from a backpack into a shoulder bag. The 11" metallic satchel is still unused plus there's another one coming this week, an 11" yellow green fluorescent satchel. Excited to receive that. :)

A "mommy watch". lol This is actually my request from the husband.
Blurrrrrrred :|:/

Shoes and the high waist jean shorts that I didn't get to buy on my first sale run due to lack of funds. lol
(refer to this post)
Both from Topshop

I also requested for some shopping time since I can't really go out. Happily did a second 'end of season sale/birthday shopping' run with my friend Cess. I know I was in good hands since she's only a couple of years away from being a doctor. And yes, she knows how to deliver a baby. :) 

I sneaked out after my doctor's appointment for a third and final run the day after. hehe.

The shoes is such a steal at 499 Php. It's such a huge mark down from the original price.
I was teasing my mom since she has the same shoes but she bought it at full price. I got lucky they still have my size.

Also bought myself a super cute passport holder at Accessorize. It was quite cheap although it was not on sale.

And the best birthday gift EVER...
The birth of my second son. :)
I gave birth a couple of days after my birthday.

So basically, my hands are full right now since I'm taking care of my baby and my little boy. I haven't slept well in the past week but hey, I enjoy what I'm doing and I love every second of it. I'm still in the adjustment phase so please bear with me if I could only post once or twice a week. Btw, I will be posting the giveaway by mid-August, hopefully. :)

Will be sharing more soon.

<3 D.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My awesome birthday... cake! :)

The highlight of a birthday celebration for me is the birthday cake. So when I saw this awesome cake from Sophie's Mom, I immediately pointed it out to my husband and told him that that's the cake I want for my birthday.

Chocolate cake with salted caramel whipped cream! Gah!

Exact number of candles talaga? lol. Can you guess how old am I?

My parents accompanied me to pick up the cakes, (yes cakes, I ordered one for my dad's birthday) at their shop in Makati. Their shop is quaint, cute and pink. Plus the staff are super nice and helpful.
I ordered this one for my dad, it's his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PA!!!
It's a tres leches cake with strawberry filling. Sounds soooo good! Can't wait to try it out.

Anyway, we had an intimate celebration yesterday. My mother in law cooked a ton of dishes for lunch then we had Chinese take out for dinner with my family.

The wishing eggs. :)

My favorite! Callos!

Home made mango crepe

mmmmmmm... sooo good!!!

I had a blast with my simple celebration. I am very thankful for all the blessings I received for the past 20+ years. And to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on facebook, personally and for those who called, a big thank you! Cry! lol

Oh and since I'm nearing 300 followers and it's my birthday month, I'll post a GIVEAWAY soon!!! :)

<3 D.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I'm having a shoe sale on my shop Fashion Carnival Manila. So if you're a size 5 or 6, feel free to check out the album.

Here are some of the items for sale:

Price ranges from 350 PHP to 750 PHP only.
Click HERE to view the whole collection. :)

<3 D.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Etude House Apricot Stick Swatches # 1,2 & 8

This product has been out in the market for quite some time now and I've been hoarding it like crazy ever since. (Refer to this post and this post.)

It's actually a tinted lip balm and I prefer using this instead of a lipstick for my everyday look. It's not sticky nor waxy which makes it easier to apply. I think this works best for those who are "lipstick virgins" and wanted to take it a step at a time before moving on to the real thing.

-Not waxy
-Not sticky
-Comes in 8 different shades
-Smells great
-Cheap (198 Php each)

-You have to reapply after some time
-Doesn't provide SPF protection

These are the swatches (4 coats) of the 3 Apricot stick shades that I'm currently using.

Out of the three, I like #1 the best. Not too red, not too pink and it blends well with the color of my lips plus it smells great too. I like #2 the least since it's too light and pinkish for my naturally dark lips but the great thing about it is that it smells like strawberries. I use #8 whenever I go out, my alternative for the red lipstick plus it smells like cherry.

I'm really not a fan of lipsticks that's why this works wonders for me. I suggest you try this product if you're lipstick shy like me. :)

Hope this review helped. Promise to post the other shades next time. :)

<3 D.

Monday, July 2, 2012

37 weeks

I just entered my 37th week of pregnancy. I am now considered full term even though my due is about 3 weeks away. At this moment, me and my doctor are playing it by ear since we'll never know when I'll start to go into labor. It's pretty nerve wracking considering that I can give birth anytime, anywhere. God forbid that I give birth in a middle of a shopping mall, hence naming my child SM or Henry Sy or Ayala, or anything to that effect. lol. By the way, we have already chosen a name.

It's also my birthday week! YAY! And my only birthday wish is to have a successful normal delivery of a healthy baby boy. :)

Metal tip collar top: Trendphile
Blazer: Sabrina
Pants: Zara

And speaking of  birthday week, I'm planning a little surprise for you my dear readers. ;) Get ready for that!

<3 D.
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