Friday, November 30, 2012

The Military Parka and Hoarding Basics

I can feel the cool breeze in the air as December is fast approaching. This means that I have to get all my sweaters, jumpers and jackets from my "baul" and get ready for a much colder season (hopefully). And of course it wouldn't hurt to add a few more to my collection, so I decided to hunt for the perfect army style jacket.

My hunt first started when I saw Frida J. and Jessica Y. wore one on, I was not a fan at first but I began to appreciate it when they added variations on how to wear it. It's safe to say that I was hooked. After searching far and wide, I luckily chanced upon this wonderful parka at Forever 21. The best part about it is that it looks perfect, fits awesome, and it was on SALE. :) My mom bought it for me on one of our impromptu shopping trips.

I also found some wonderful and super cheap v-neck shirts at the same store. I love how comfy, loose and versatile these babies are. Perfect especially when I feel too lazy to dress up, I could just pair it with just about anything. I bought it in every color since it only retails for 245 Php each. Teehee!

Too lazy to upload the photos since I've exceeded the amount allowed here on blogger. Hehe.

Any lucky finds recently? I'd love to hear about it. :)

<3 D. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The chelsea boots and the unexpected sale

It's been quite a while since I posted my last haul here in my blog. The reason behind this is simple, I haven't shopped for a couple of months now because I'm trying to save for an upcoming trip. But I am only human, so I decided to shop a "little" last week. Ahhh my love for superficial things is uncanny. Heeh!

I went to Forever 21 MOA twice last week. My plan was to find a decent outfit for my son's party, that's it. But my plan backfired and was surprised to see racks and racks of clothes on sale. I love sales (truly an understatement) but I love FURTHER REDUCTION sales more. (well, who doesn't?) I ended up buying several things on sale and a couple of regular priced items.

 The Chelsea booties that was NOT ON SALE! BOOOOO!!! But I really love Chelsea style booties (similar to the one I bought from Topshop) so I made an exemption. Ridiculously comfortable I must say.

So here's the low down, the items are already on sale but if you check the price and it ends with a 9 (209, 429 etc) it still has an additional 50% off. Cool eh?

 So yeah. I got that 30 piece bangle set for only 104.50 Php (roughly $2.50)

Here are the other things I got on sale:

If I would assess myself on how I did on my mission (to buy a decent outfit for my son's party), I would say that I have failed miserably. I ended up wearing a peplum top from Topshop purchased several weeks back. But then again, I scored tons of cool items for a fraction of its original price, so I guess it's a win win situation. Hehe.

Any bargain finds lately? Care to share them?

<3 D.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Urban Decay: Naked Palette

I'm so happy that I finally got my hands on the popular Urban Decay product, The Naked palette. I asked my good friend Ria to buy me one at Sephora Kuala Lumpur on her recent trip there. I was a bit confused on whether to buy this one or Naked 2 but I'm quite happy and satisfied with my pick. Maybe I'll ask her to buy the other one for me on her next trip there. Hehe.

I can say that this palette is so me. The colors are natural looking and warm which is perfect for the "no make up" look. It can also be worn from day to night since it offers a good mix of both matte and shimmer (well pigmented) shades. My favorite among all the 12 shades is half baked which gives out a wonderful shimmer but is not over powering plus it complements my dark skin tone.

This is actually my very first eye shadow palette ever and I must say that I am very much impressed with the whole thing especially the primer potion. The colors will last the whole day and won't crease if you use the eye shadow primer potion. I'm actually considering to buy a bigger bottle of it. Hehe. The Naked palette also comes with a Good Karma brush and a mirror.

It was really hard for me to shell out money just to buy make up since this one doesn't come cheap. But I decided to treat myself just this once. Heeh! I promise not to buy any make up for 6 months unless I ran out or something. Haha.

So have you guys tried this palette yet? Tell me your thoughts. :)

<3 D.

Monday, November 5, 2012

WINNERS of my Bookworm Giveaway

The winner of Delirium is:

 And the winner of  The Name of this Book is Secret is:

I will be e-mailing you within the day. :)
If the winner/s fail to respond within a week, I will choose another winner/s.

<3 D.
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