Thursday, September 12, 2013

Korea Shoe Haul (Part 2) - Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott 2ne1 Wings

This is the reason why I left Korea broke. Broke but happy. If you are a kpop fan then you should know 2ne1. If you're a blackjack then you probably know that they are often garbed in Jeremy Scott. If you're a hardcore blackjack then you should've known that this certain type of wings was designed for 2ne1. And since I'm a hardcore Blackjack/VIP/YG stan I just have to get my hands on this certain pair.

It was one of my missions in Seoul, to find myself a pair of wings. Not this particular kind actually. What I had in mind is a simple white or black one but I guess I got lucky. I chanced upon this pair at an Adidas Originals store in Itaewon. I also wanted to buy my son a pair of teddy bear sneakers but they don't carry toddler sizes but my mom found this cute tiger stripe rubber shoes and bought it for him.


Sizing: I got a US 5.5 pair and it fits just right including the socks.
Comfort: Hella comfortable
Price: I said I got broke after I bought this right? :/
Oomph Factor: It's a pair of shoes with wings. I'm sure heads will turn.
Pair it with: The shoe is crazy enough so I suggest you tone down your clothes when wearing this pair.

When worn

Broke but happy. Yes.

<3 D.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Korea Shoe Haul (Part 1) - Dr. Martens Floral Boots

I have to inform you that this is a two-part blog entry. I only bought two pairs of shoes when I was in Korea but both are just too awesome to be in same post. lol. First one is the Dr. Martens floral boots that I bought at ABC Mart Myeongdong branch. Already saw this pair at an ABC Mart near Hyewadong but unfortunately they didn't have it in my size. ABC Mart is scattered all over Seoul so I opted to find another branch and luckily I found it at one of the branches in Myeongdong and it was the last one in my size. Talk about lucky. I know that I just got to have it. It was too good to pass up.

Sizing: True to size. I got a size 6.
Comfort: Unlike the 1460 boots that you have to break in, this is made from soft leather so it was really comfy and easy to walk on. 4/5
Price: Ahhh I forgot how much is it. :'(
Oomph Factor: It's DM's with flowers. Need I say more? 5/5
Pair it with: I prefer wearing it with a short flowy dress.

I had a hard time packing my things on our way back because I only carried a medium size luggage and it was already filled to the brim with winter clothes and pasalubong. haaaayyy. And it will be such a waste if I buy another luggage since I really didn't get to shop much because everything was so darn expensive. hahaha

Will post the second part tomorrow.
Have an awesome day everyone!

<3 D.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Virtual Try-on: Jeffrey Campbell Brazen

Recently bought this pair of eye candy through It was one of my impulse buys that I am now starting  to regret. Don't get me wrong, these babies, as you can see are gorgeous, it is even lovelier in person but it is just not for me.  Maybe it's because of the color? Since I really intended to buy the hologram one but they were not available in my size.

So I have decided to let it go. If anyone is interested in buying this lovely pair of shoes. E-mail me at I'm selling it at half it's original price and it's brand spankin' new. :)

Sizing: It is true to size. Bought it at size 5.5 and it fits like a glove. :)
Comfort: It is not hard to walk on since it was platforms but it is gloriously high so be careful not to trip. 3.5/5
Price: Bought it at full price but I am selling it for half it's original price. (What a steal right? Buy it now! lol) 5/5
Oomph Factor: This pair is really cute and can easily spruce up any outfit. I think the heel/platform height is really the highlight of this shoe. 3/5
Pair it with: Distressed shorts and a graphic tee

When worn

It comes with it's original box together with the individual shoe bags PLUS I can ship it wherever you are as long as you shoulder the shipping fees. Hehe.

Email me at:

<3 D.
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