Friday, May 30, 2014

Back for good!

Hi everyone!

After 8 months of radio silence, I am finally back to blogging...again!
I know you were all wondering where the hell I went. Well, first of all, I had a very personal matter to attend to in the first 2 months of my hiatus, then I had the opportunity to be a trainer at one of the leading local coffee shops here in the Philippines. It was a very meaningful experience for me. But here I am now, back to blogging once again and I couldn't be more happier! :)

So my first post is about one of my obsessions. Take a guess!


As you probably know, I love collecting and wearing different kinds of shoes, but this is the first time I have been influenced to buy this kind of sneakers. I am talking about the much sought after Air Jordan VI Carmine. At first, I find the J's a bit bulky for my small frame but once I learned the art of pairing it, it's just me and my J's from here on out.

As I have mentioned, I was only influenced by someone into buying J's and I think that this is the start of a new obsession for me.

Air Jordan VI Carmine

The Carmine's was released last May 24 if I'm not mistaken. I didn't get to cop it right away since I was thinking twice if I should buy it or not. Compared to the Men's sizes, the kids or GS sizes don't sell as fast, that is why I had ample time to think about buying the sneakers first. And after a couple of sleepless nights and Nike store visits, I finally gave in.

Sizing: I got the 3.5 y and it fits perfectly (with socks)
Comfort: Well it is sneakers, so it is really comfortable and cushion-y lol.
Price: Compared to the Men's, this is cheaper by a few thousands. I still find it expensive though. *cough cheapskate cough*
Oomph Factor: I wore it earlier to school and it is turning a few heads every now and then. I'll give it a 3/5.
Pair it with: with jeans or even short shorts with a simple top.

All I can say is that I am so glad that I gave in and jumped into the bandwagon. This is clearly one of my best purchases and I am looking forward to expanding my sneaker game! ;)

It's soooooo good to be back! See you on my next post!


<3 D.

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