Saturday, November 28, 2015

Unboxing: Benefit's 2015 Advent Calendar - Party Poppers

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since my last blog post. I have no excuse whatsoever for my laziness but I am here to redeem myself with a haul entry. Another haul entry you say? It's not just another haul entry, it's a BENEFIT ADVENT CALENDAR entry. Ha!

What is a Benefit Advent Calendar?

It is basically a countdown 'til Christmas kind of thing in which there are 12 little compartments that holds 12 little benefit surprises. It should be 1 window per day but being the low EQ kid that I am and for your benefit (ehem!), I have decided to open everything all at once. Yeap!

Do they sell this every year?

Yes! It's a yearly thing. This one I got around mid-November.

Is it expensive?

Yes. BUT you will get more that what you paid for so it is worth every penny.

How much is it?

2,500 PHP

What's inside?

Window 1: Ooh La Lift
Window 2: Total Moisture
Window 3: High Beam
Window 4: Sugarbomb lipgloss
Window 5: They're Real Mascara
Window 6: Lollitint
Window 7: Porefessional
Window 8: Watt's Up
Window 9: Bad Gal Lash
Window 10: Hoola
Window 11: They're Real Remover
Window 12: Rockateur Blush

What makes it special?

IT'S A BOX FULL OF BENEFIT PRODUCTS!!! Oh and the box is musical too! Once you open the box, it has this nice musical surprise for you. Just like a musical birthday card. And let's talk about how cute that box is? Reminds me of Yayoi Kusama no?

So this latest haul made me all excited and I tried to vlog about it. But I somehow made a fool of myself in front of the camera so I scrapped the idea. HAHA. Anyway, you better head to your nearest Benefit boutique ASAP and get your hand on these before they sold out. 

<3 D.
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